About Nomade. Travel to meet people, Visit people

My friends tease me because I tend to say "That's interesting" a lot! But that is how I feel! I live to meet people, see how they live and what tings they have collected. 
I grew up on a farm and learned to apresiate the nature, and it still fascinates me how flowers, trees and greenery look. The colours and shapes and the fact that it groves and is in a constant change fascinates me. 
I tend to move a lot so now I'm in my summer home on top of Sjælland, in the middle Of the forrest close to the sea. 
During the last year I've been in a organic comunity in Roskilde, living with my boyfriends grandmother in Hellerup. In bussing and beatiful barcelona and the Vejer de la frontera a white town in the southren part of spain. By living as a nomade, I sharpen my senses and keep seeing things in a new light.

Insagram, my daily work diary.


Client list  BoligLiv | Denmark  - Alt For Damerne + Alt Interiør | Denmark - Femina | Denmark - Isabellas | Denmark - Hendes Verden + Sallys | Denmark - Elle Decoration | Norway - Design Interiør | Norway - Rom123 | Norway - Bolig Pluss | Norway - Rum Hemma | Sweden - Lantliv | Sweden - Freundin | Germany 

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